We’re halfway through the year and it’s almost time to welcome the new one. If you’re thinking of redoing your backyard into something more 2018, you’re in luck. The outdoor theme trends are in!  Here are just some ideas:

Patterned Walkways

Image source: custommade.com

Blooming flowers and bushes are classics that can give off that garden-fresh appeal. These can be coupled with almost any kind of walkway—from gravel, natural stone, or even concrete.

When it comes to your walkway’s structure, you can go wild! Mix lines and textures. Mosaic tiles are great examples of this. Imagine a meld of beautifully arranged flowers arranged over a beautifully crafted pathway. Who wouldn’t want to spend time outdoors with this as your view? 


Image source: housely.com

The ever so rustic allure of wood is one of the most used backyard themes but it’s also one of the most elegant. It’s a perfect match to the great outdoors. Wood is a traditional & beautiful material. With a variety of colors, grainy patterns and textures, it can emphasize any outdoor design style. Just top it off with some greens. Aside from its aesthetic function, it’s also environment-friendly. No wonder people opt for this material.

 A mix of modern & nature

Image source: freshome.com

Who knew that natural elements like plants and flowers would go well with some modern accents? Take these Modrest chairs for instance. Decorating them with earthy colors and styles is a fashionable way to arrange your backyard this year. Pair it off with outdoor tiles like natural stones to give the room a pop.

Pastel Colors

Image source: Instagram / designlovefest

The pantone colors that will be trending in 2018 are in the hues of pink, yellow, and blue. Turn your patio into a cozy hub by adding pillows to it. Just make sure that you put them inside during bleak weathers. These are best matched with patterned ceramic tiles and a neutral paint color for your walls.


Image source: i.pinimg.com

Blending textures and patterns is the most fun way to incorporate depth and variety to your terrace or veranda. This is where your creativity kicks in. The key to achieving a polished mixture of textures and patterns is to play with contrasting wall colors and furniture but sticking to a minimalistic floor.

Brace the New Year with these festive and crafty decoration ideas. Invest on the trendiest outdoor tiles, walls, furniture, and landscaping ornaments and add some new & great additions to your home!

Or have a look back of 2017 tile trends and check out what’s fitting to your taste.


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