Not all tiles are created equal. Some are suited to be laid outside and some are better to stay inside the house. Basically, there are two types of tiles: the outdoor tile and indoor tile. Better think twice of what kind of tile you will buy. You might need both types, eventually, if you want beautiful flooring from inside out that can withstand any conditions.   But how can you differentiate an outdoor tile from an indoor tile?

If you base it on just appearance, you will surely have a hard time. It is like trying to figure out what is the color of “the dress” that’s either blue & black or white & gold. For example, can you guess which one are the outdoor tile and the indoor tile below?

wood-tile light-colored-wood-tile

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Moreover, you can’t just outright decide which is which by looking at it because the tiles that are manufactured today might also look one way but are just imitating another material. For instance, this vinyl tile was made to look like marble:

Image source:

This is the evidence that “nothing is what it seems.” Don’t decide in haste because it is cheaper or it looks awesome in your floor. You might end up wasting your hard earned money for nothing. Unless you buy in person and not online, you may scrutinize it up close.

We’re now settled with the appearance thing. Perhaps it would be better to know what are the factors to be considered regarding which type of to lay indoors or outdoors?

Qualities of a Good Outdoor Tile

  1. It is resistant to dirt as it does not retain dust or residues and you can use common household cleaning materials to clean it, BuildDirect says.
  2. Its color doesn’t fade away even it is exposed to direct sunlight or even beaten during heavy rain.
  3. Outdoor tiles are made to be durable to be able withstand heavy foot traffic and forces of nature like thunderstorm and pressure.
  4. Its surface has a gritty texture to be slip resistant in order to avoid accidents like slips or falls.

Qualities of a Good Indoor Tile

  1. There are different exquisite designs to choose from that can complement the home’s interior.
  2. It should be soundproofed and can reduce noise when someone steps on it, especially if the tiles are laid out on the upper floor of the house.
  3. Unlike the rough texture of outdoor tiles, indoor tiles have grout to make them slip resistant.
  4. It should be scratch resistant especially if you have rowdy pets or if there are people at home who are always dragging high heels inside the house.

The tile flooring can increase the home’s resale value, according to However, this is only possible if you lay the right kind of floor tile that is suitable outdoor or indoor. Tiling a floor is an expensive but worthy investment. Begin by conducting a thorough assessment from where you will place the tiles to what type of tile you should buy. In this way, you will get great value for your money.


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