Organizing your stuff should be the number 1 priority in every home. A messy home is a messy life. Redo things in your condo unit at Greenhills San Juan and make endless storage possibilities with your creativity and your unused stuff.

So to help you with your organizing project here are easy to do and follow tips to hide all your clutter without consuming too much space.

Living Room

The living room is where the guest is being entertained so to show your best self you need to put away the unnecessary things. Don’t worry this is different from lying, this is just to make a good lasting impression.

1. Walls turned shelves

Image source:

If you’re wall happen to have that extra space fitting for a storage possibility then why not get your craft on and start building.

The idea of this storage is to make use of your wall without compromising space. This project was meant to make your things look well-organized on the side.

2. Velcroing the wires

Image source:

If you’re tired of seeing wires all over the floor, this velcro idea would ease your OCD and make things look neat.

The wires will be folded in circles to shorten the long cable and will then be put together through the velcro tape. This is also useful if you happen to have lots of wires on your TV set.

3. The 2-in-1 mudroom bench

Image source:

This wall attached furniture will surely be complimented by your guests in seeing how stylish you make things organized.

The piece has drawers as well as hooks for the coats and umbrella. It’s like your little storage closet without needing a door because the piece itself looks stylish enough.

This furniture could be bought on any furniture shop or if you have the timeĀ make one yourself.


The bathroom is your little getaway away from stress. So to make things less stressful these storage ideas would make your bathroom look neat and clutter-free.

1. Magnetized the metal things

Image source:

If you’re tired of losing and replacing your small metal items then this solution is fitting for you.

In order to achieve the no missing small items look is by simply attaching a magnetic strip on the side of your drawers. This idea is to make your small metal items be seen easily.

2. Bathroom side cabinet

Image source:

If the bathroom things are too far apart from each other while you’re sitting on the throne this lovely piece would surely come in handy with your reaching limitations.

All the stuff you need in just one place. Neat right!

3. Crate as shelves

Image source:

If you’re not a fan of adding furniture on your bathroom floors then attaching a crate on your walls would make your bathroom clutter organized.

This idea promotes reusing of the old crate by repainting it to cover the old stain that was present on the used crate. Or you could just create one yourself so you could add the perfect size you prefer.

Kitchen Area

The preparation, the cooking, and the washing of the dishes are stressful enough and untidied things are not helping either. So to make things hassle-free installation of quirky conventional storage would allow you to work without dirtying up the place or just a less dirty.

1. Storage under the sink

Image source:

The wasted free space under the sink is a good place for all the soaps you use to clean the house. It’s like the designated storage for all your dishwashing needs.

2. Old door turned hanging rack

Image source:

This idea is best applied if you have those old doors with little screens it in. Turning this kind of door into a hanging rack gives use of your empty wall.

The door turned hang rack is also a good addition to designing your kitchen to your liking. Or maybe hanging up recipes for your ease of use.

Bed Room

The bedroom is your own place and keeping it tidy is what you should be doing and keep on doing. It’s hard enough to see your kitchen dirty then adding up to your stress is the bedroom mess and that is just a big no!

Tidy up your stuff with these clever ideas for a holder of your things.

1. A storage that follows you

Image source:

The added feature on this furniture makes your things follow in a stabilized way. Plus the moving storage would be great if your mixing and matching your clothes or needs additional space when putting on makeup.

This is also good in passing items to your partner without needing to getup, you just push it and let it slide to the in need party.

One downside of this is its inability to work on floors with rugs.

2. Reusing paint cans

Image source:

Did you know that paint cans look so aesthetically pleasing when cleaned. The metal can is huge enough to used to organize your stuff plus the metal can matches well with anything.

Bonus Tip

Image source:

This secret storage is perfect in every part of your home. It’s like your little secret but everyone at home knows about it else you keep it a secret and hide your delectable stash in it. No worries my lips are sealed.

Decluttering your bought unit at Greenhills San Juan condo will refresh your life plus clearing out old bad habits that make your space stuffy.


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