Summertime is almost coming to its sweltering climax and the wet season will soon start. Have you already conducted a thorough canvassing of the latest floor tiles in the market? It’s going to be necessary before the wet season begins. Well, just imagine the strain your tiles went through this summer and how they have to endure the incoming season.

According to House of Tiles blog, “If an area of your floor is directly exposed to sunlight…chances are that tiles will pop up…”  On the other hand, when it rains, CSC Screeding explains that “moisture is one of the prime culprits responsible for screen failure and most other flooring problems.” In short, seasonal changes are one of the reasons floor tiles wear and tear. It is inevitable process every kind of flooring goes through.

Nonetheless, it is best that we don’t ignore this explicit problem. Why is it explicit? The moment we enter a building or a house, the noticeable feature we first lay our eyes on is the flooring. Although this part of the house is always ignored, we can’t deny the fact that floor tiles is the center of attention and suffers from heavy foot traffic. So, it is fine to invest in quality flooring and, in rare occasions, indulge ourselves to follow a trend by installing the latest floor tiles as follows:

Trending Tile Looks

Image source: Fabric-look Flooring

First impression lasts, so go ahead, ‘wow’ your guests the moment they step in inside your humble abode. Here is the list from of the latest floor tile looks:

  • Wood-look tile = the classic is inarguably unbeatable.
  • Brick-look tile = from wall to floor, this tile is absolutely versatile.
  • Marble-look tile = this affordable renovation hack could easily be mistaken with the original.
  • Cement-look tile = smooth and clean are two of the apt descriptions for this type of tile.
  • Fabric-look tile = it is as if your flooring is made of expensive silk.
  • Metallic-look tile = cool in the eyes yet it doesn’t lose its elegant look.

Bathroom Tile Trends

Image source: Geometric wall tiling

Have your guests be amazed and ask themselves the question: “Is this the bathroom?” Are you clueless how you can pull it off? From wall to floor, the LuxPad gives away a few tips such as:

  • Metro tiling = this is also known as subway tiling.
  • Concrete tiling = is to the wall as to patterned tiling is to the floor.
  • Bold and daring designs = this is applicable if your bathroom is small or the wall is plain white.
  • Geometric designs = going for octagon or hexagon? It is alright because it is ‘in’ this 2017.
  • Marble tiling = make your bathroom look “expensive” by installing this type of tile.

Colors and Patterns

Image source:   Chevron-patterned flooring

Again, from, the hottest colors for 2017 are gray, white, espresso, and aqua. As for the patterns, you can get away with parquet, herringbone, chevron, and arabesque this year.

Does this list make you giddy enough to update your flooring? Give your living room, kitchen or bathroom a grand makeover! Change it with one of the latest floor tiles above before rainy season starts with a splash.


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