In this generation, no one is a stranger from climate change everyone is being affected by it.

One major cause of climate change is humanity itself plus the fact that in order for a human to survive he/she must work and feed itself leading to human activities such as agriculture and deforestation which hugely contributes to the alarming increase of carbon dioxide expelled into the atmosphere.

And now you see yourself having a family and what comes after is the need for things like shelter. If you wanted your family to help in the fight to protect earth here’s what your future home should look like.

House foundation

For a sturdy home built for any season mostly on difficult ones. Your home should be equipped with the right materials.

Normal house Molave Home
Wind Resistance 280 kph 380 kph
Steel Bar Strength 60,000 psi 67,000 psi
Concrete Strength 3,000 psi 3,500 psi

Electricity from the Sun

power from the sun
Image source:

Though solar panels are quite the expensive investment, the return on investment would make things worthwhile.

A solar power system could sustain a home with 1 refrigerator, 1 LED TV, 1 fan, and 10 LED lights With all the essentials being powered up by the sun, monthly electricity bills would lessen up to Php2,500 and in a year you could save up to Php30,000. These savings could go to anything or maybe even fund a project in saving and widening the awareness of climate change and why you should act upon it.

Using rainwater for everyday use

water recycling system
Image source:

Why not equip your home with state of the art water recycling and filtration system. Through this, rainwater could be filtered and store to be used for watering the garden, cleaning cars, flushing toilets, and cleaning the house. Monthly water bills could be lessened up to Php2,500 same with electric bills.And in summation, you’ll have a saving of around Php60,000 annually.

And in summation, you’ll have a saving of around Php60,000 annually.

These are just some of the ways you could save the earth plus lessening your bills. It’s like a win-win situation. So head on now on this house and lot for sale in Paranaque City for a quality home your family deserves.

Stay tuned for more and the next would be an infographic of all things eco-friendly you could be doing in your home.


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