Do you find it hard to decide where to buy floor tiles? With tons of shops offering floor tiles in the Philippines, it gets easy to be miss out on the best offerings. However, there is nothing to worry about because we are here to help you.

Good floor tiles shops possess certain qualities that make them trustworthy and the leading provider in the country. These qualities serve as important factors when choosing where to shop for floor tiles, so take note of these before you plunge into the hunt.

Established Store

Experience says a lot about a shop. Long years in the tile industry may mean a shop has already dealt with many problems concerning their products. Surviving these issues mean that they know how to handle conflicts well, which is typically a good sign if you’re transacting with a particular shop.

A Specialist in the Party

An established store is also updated with the current trends. They know what’s in and what’s not, and their years of experience can also give customers sound advice when choosing the right floor tiles they need. This could be mostly due to the business being run or managed by a specialist like an architect, an engineer, or an interior designer.

Offers Wide Selection

The more, the merrier. A wide selection of tiles—from the size to the materials to the designs—means plenty of ideas to improve the aesthetic of your home. The best store should offer a wide selection of products that will suit every floor tile needs of their customers.

Accessible Locations

According to a study by TimeTrade, 85% of buyers still prefer a physical shop over online shops. This is because customers still value the personal experience of physical stores. However, having a physical shop is not enough. It must be accessible for customers, so that’s why you see home depot franchises as being more trusted.

With physical shops situated in all parts of the Philippines, customers like you wouldn’t have to wonder where to buy floor tiles as you will have the ease of access to the products you need, making the buying experience a lot more convenient for you.

Values Customer Satisfaction

A simple missed call or delayed response can make a big difference to the buying experience. As a buyer, you wouldn’t want to end up on bad terms with the shop just because of bad customer service, especially if they’ve got the floor tiles you need.

To help identify if a store values their customer’s satisfaction, here are some tips you should know from The Balance.

  • Check if they have recurring customers or partner contractors.
  • They answer the phone, be it a call forwarding, an answering service or a dedicated staff.
  • They don’t make promises they can’t keep.
  • They know how to listen to their customers.
  • They deal with complaints.
  • They continue to help even without making immediate profits from it.
  • They have well-trained staffs.
  • They take the extra steps.
  • They give more than what the customers should get.

Sparks One’s Creativity

Floor tiles are all about improving the aesthetics of the interior or exterior of an establishment. And when you say improving, it’s not just about looking ‘better’. Floor tiles should spark one’s imagination and creativity, creating the best design that will bring out character and amaze anyone who sees it.

To sum it up, the best tiles shop should be an established shop, offers a wide selection of tiles, got accessible locations, values customer satisfaction and produces tiles that can spark one’s creativity. And at Floor Center, you are guaranteed to find all of these, making us the best choice on where to buy floor tiles.


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