As a token of your hard work and perseverance at school, your parents out of the blue bought you a condo unit at Greenhills, San Juan. What! Wait! Get out! Don’t get me wrong, people can dream. Let’s just say they did buy you one and it’s empty like your soul back when you were studying. Don’t worry! Here are nifty quirky clips that would surely spark interest in you with regards to your decorating endeavours.

Vintage Suitcase turned Table and Storage

Image source:

This suitcase turned table would surely captivate anyone. Who knew unused suitcases could be given another purpose. Also, this vintage DIY take would totally jive with your classic aesthetics. Pretty classy if you ask me.

To get you going and about, here’s the link to turn this image into a real life furniture in your new home. Cool, right!

Lampshade out of Pegs

Image source:

This lampshade pegs, when seen from afar, looks like a light for fairies. The light gives off a vibe of earthy and warmth. Who knew these feelings could be radiated by a mere peg used for hanging clothes.

The trick to achieving this craft is by using wooden pegs rather than those pesky plastic ones that easily gets broken. This kind of craft would dare you to defy the standard use of an object into something much more.

Eating tools used as Cabinet Handles

Image source: by Allison Patrick

Because using forks for eating is too mainstream. Make something out of your stocked utensils by turning them into a cool addition to your cabinets.

The image explains how it was crafted but to put it in words, the fork is glued onto the cabinet then a bolt and screw will act as the major holder of the handle. The waiting time before the glue will take effect will be about a day depending on the brand of the glue used.

Plank Reimagine into Shelves

Image source:

This idea is a take on reusing unused plank into a decorative shelf display. If there’s a laying plank on the porch and this idea hit you, here’s the step by step guide to get you started.

This nifty idea does cost you much you all you need is creativity and the will to get it done because bum days are bum days for a reason.

Turning Something into Marble

Image source:

Stock nail polish everywhere, no need to fret, here’s a quirky DIY for to make use of your unused nail polish. Have the marble effect on your plain looking monotone objects by dipping them into a mixture of water and nail polish. But for best results, it is advice to use fresh nail polish to achieve the smooth finish you wanted.

These nifty out of the box ideas would truly make you fall in love with arts and crafts plus beautifying your new home in Greenhills, San Juan. Crafting is as endless as your imagination so keep on imagining and craft on!


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