Owning a house and lot in Cagayan de Oro means that you have a pretty colorful Halloween year in and year out! There’s always trick or treating and costume parties at town centers. Gated communities and Home Owners Associations even hold their own private trick or treat event for the kids to enjoy themselves and for the grownups to get to know each other. So how can you turn your Cagayan de Oro house and lot into spooky town? A shadow projector.

All you will need are paper, cardboard and a candle or a LED light bulb. You may look over the internet of patterns you can follow for your projector. You can try ghosts, bats, cats, and witches—these designs appeal to kids. If you want to go for eerie and downright horrible, go for patterns of dead trees, clowns, and people in agony. Here are some designs to get you started.

Image source: painting.about.com
Image source: easyfreepatterns.com


If you have a pattern, you can print it out on a thick piece of paper or glue the printout on a cardboard. Proceed to cut out the pattern.

To make the horror happen, just flash an LED light onto your pattern.

We tried making one using this stencil:

Gengar cutout

And this is what how it actually looked like on a wall in a darkened room:

Gengar cutout final output
Gengar cutout shadow effect

You could project these shadows onto a curtain so that people passing by think that someone or something is looking at them or you can make a cardboard box to hold the LED light in so you can put the set up outside because these are definitely going to make your house and lot in Cagayan de Oro the horror place to be. Try it out for yourself and share us links to what you’ve made!


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